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Scarlet Bandit

Scarlet Bandit #040

How long have you been skating? 
I have been skating since I could walk, my dad would take us to Skate-A-Rama in Fairview Heights. Then as I got older I began skating at Fun Spot in Belleville and eventually joined their speed skating team.

How Did You Get Involved In Roller Derby?
In 2013 I was hanging out at the local skate shop Jolly Rogers and the owners showed me a flier and said I should totally check it out, which I did, and now I can’t get enough of derby.

What are you looking for in a derby league?

Competitive fun! Since this is my first year of derby I’m still learning the game and trying to become a better all-around player. The encouragement, guidance, acceptance, and teamwork have made me love to be a part of the CCRD league.

Have you had any derby injuries?
I’ve been pretty lucky that I have not really had any serious injuries yet; a lot of bruises and a really big hematoma on my bum (pretty sure you could find a picture of it on google).

Do you have a derby wife?
Yes I do, and her name is AfroVenoMiss and she is wicked awesome. We kind of just found each other with another derby league and just ended up joining CCRD together. I almost think we share a brain sometimes.

Tell us about your derby name and number.
Well I was having a really hard time coming up with a name and I had asked my son to help me pick one out. He went to a Monster Truck Jam and a lady was driving a truck named Scarlet Bandit and so I just went with it.

My number 040 represents how old I was when I started to play derby, #40 was already taken, so I just added the zero in front. Age is just a number and it only goes to show you, you’re never too old to try new things.

What is your favorite position to play?
Jammer! Although I do like to block also, my size sets me up to be a pretty agile jammer.

Tattoos and Spice and Bruises on Ice.

Tattoos and Spice and Bruises on Ice.