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Capt'n Blackout

Capt'n Blackout #99

How did you get involved in roller derby?
I saw a bout in Kansas City on a whim with some friends. It looked like the coolest thing ever and I knew I wanted to play. I googled derby in St Louis and found Confluence Crush was having recruitment the next week.

How long have you been skating?
I started skating in Feb or March of 2013. At my first practice I did not know how to skate.

Have you had any derby injuries?
My first "injury" was of the 9 month variety. I found out just after I played in my first bout in Aug 2013. I totally blame the league as we seem to always have someone pregnant. "Join us before trying a fertility clinic" should be our motto. 
My second injury was April of 2015. I broke my wrist just as I was getting back in shape from the baby. I had surgery and 2 plates with 13 screws to put it back together. Go big or go home right? Since I still had constant pain, I had another surgery in September to take out a plate and they ended up taking off the end of my ulna. Now I'm mostly pain free and back to skating. So if I seem like a wuss when it comes to my arm that's why.

What's your favorite thing about roller derby?
I love that anyone can play. All body types and athletic abilities can be useful on the track. So you end up with a very diverse team.

How many pets do you have? What kind? 
At the moment I have 1 house cat (Fluffy), 4 dogs (Dru, Andy, Clem and Buffy), 7 barn cats (Peanut, Cashew, Buckeye, Pecan, Brazil, Filbert and no name black kitten), 2 horses (Gem, Glory), 1 mini horse (Gimli), and 11 goats (Colby, Gouda, Richard, Stinky, Freckles, Lucky, Funny Face, and 4 no names). That's it, for now....

Tell us about your derby name and number.
When telling college stories a lot of them seem to go "and then so and so told me I did such and such." So Blackout seemed like a good name choice. The Capt'n came about because I wanted to wear a cape.

Do you have a derby wife?

What are your roller derby goals this year?
Complete a season with no injuries!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She'll hit you harder than the rum at the afterparty. 

She'll hit you harder than the rum at the afterparty.