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Trainrack #4

How long have you been skating? 2 1/2 years

What are you looking for in a derby league?
A league that has strong leadership and great coaching and that focuses on building each other up, getting stronger and improving as a whole.

What is your personal derby goal for this season?
To become a better utility player

What do you like to do outside of derby?
Dance, sing, read, play games, hike, play outside with my kids, garden

Do you have a favorite derby moment?
Jamming for my home team and putting double digit points on the board

Tell us something about yourself that we don’t know?
Cockroaches make me scream like Julia Roberts

What motto do you live by?
You can’t start a new chapter if you re-read the last one

Favorite non-swear word?

What is your least favorite derby drill?
Endless jammer

Do you have a derby significant other?
Busty Beatdown

She's barreling down the track; you'll only see her back!

She's barreling down the track; you'll only see her back!