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SkaterNumberFavorite PositionExperience
Allisonic Boom359JammerRookie
Amylou WooWho2468Blocker2 years
Badonka Tonka194Blocker/Jammer2 years
Busty Beatdown8008BlockerRookie
Capt'n Blackout99Blocker3 years
Chaos Haas681Blocker3 years
Dixons Vixen77BlockerRookie
Fatally FunSized62Jammer1 year
Goldie Howl27JammerRookie
Ivy Smashed212Jammer2 years
Jamela Voorhees138Blocker/Jammer2.5 years
Java Sparkles1369JammerRookie
Jinxy Tink13Blocker/Jammer3.5 years
Kickazz Kandi6Blocker/Jammer2.5 years
Lady Tarabelle22Blocker3 years
Lisa Shank314BlockerRookie
Marley Laveau67Blocker1 year
Mile High Moxy737Jammer/Blocker1 year
Murderous Maverick55Jammer1.5 years
Red Dread Rosie24Blocker1 year
Rowdy Rose20Blocker3.5 years
Scarlet Bandit040Jammer2 years
Shameless0Blocker9 years
Splatniss Everdeen74BlockerRookie
Wickd Doll319JammerRookie