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Fatally Funsized

Fatally Funsized #62

What are your roller derby goals this year?
As a new skater, my goal is to get put on the roster and play in a game this season and by next year, be on Charter!

What do you look to do outside of roller derby? 
When I am not skating, I stay active spending time with my husband and my 3 dogs. I love to run and workout and spend time with my best friend Dawn dancing and enjoying life.

Who do you admire the most?
My Aunt Ginny.  She helped raise me, and she always has taken care of everyone in the family.  She will always have a place for people to come stay and never let people do without. She is a social worker and cares for kids in need everyday. She is my wonder woman.

What motto do you live by?
Live everyday like it is your last. Have fun and try something different, every chance you get and love people with your whole heart.

Tell us about your derby name and number?
I am 5’2″, and petite so I have often been called “Fun-sized” but those close to me, because I don’t like being called short.  However, I am very muscular, strong and now with derby, I am fast.   So I will be “Fatal” to anyone who tried to stop me! For my number, I wanted 52, but it was taken, so I went with 62, my height in inches.

How did you get involved in roller derby?
I saw a team out celebrating after a bout and I thought they were the coolest, fun group of girls. They had on awesome fun outfits on and they chatted with me and told me I should come out and play. Then I went and watched a game and I was hooked!

What is your favorite thing about derby?
I love going to practice and all the ladies working hard to better their skills and yet always taking care of each other and help.  It is physical and competitive yet the comraderie among the team is a great feeling. We volunteer in the community and seem to genuinely care about each other.  I have never gotten to be on a sports team and this feels like the perfect fit.

She may be little, but she is Fatal on wheels.

She may be little, but she is Fatal on wheels.