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Crushendo #57


How long have you been skating? 2 years this july! 

What are you looking for in a derby league? 
A bunch of awesome people that work together for a common goal. 

What is your personal derby goal for this season? 
Be better and faster than ever before. Work on keeping up with our amazing teamates. 

1 What is your catch phrase? Forward always forward 

2 Do you have a favorite derby moment? 
Yup! Honestly it was during my freshmeat days.  I couldnt get my laps and the A team capt (scarlet) skated my laps with me and i got the highest i ever had and became scrimage eligible. the fact that the A team capt took the time to help a new skater like that will be a moment i keep with me forever. 

3 What motto do you live by? Forward always forward 

4 How many hours have you spent in a tattoo chair/table? At least 3 soon to be more! 

5 Have any pets? How many? 3 kitties! Cider darwin and maggie. Dont get me started on them because i wont shut up 

6 Do you have a derby significant other? YES MY DERBY WIFE MORGAN MAYHEM. Shes amazing. Weve gone through transfering leagues to her injury to me getting my laps. Shes amazing! 

7 Who do you admire the most? Im going to have two answers both derby.someone who i know and admire most is korpse. A skater i dont know and admire is Elicia Nisbet-Smith she is the capt of the Rose city all stars and one amazing  blocker.