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Chaos Haas

Chaos Haas #681

How long have you been skating?
I have been skating 13 years. Derby related since April 2013.

Derby name and #?
Chaos Haas my life is total chaos and Haas is my maiden last name.

What do you do for a living?
I am a manager at a gas station/deli.

What motto do you live by?
No regrets live for the moment and enjoy what you have before its gone. Life is to short to hold a grudges live laugh and enjoy life!

How many hours in the tattoo chair?
I have a total of 11 tattoos. One of witch is a cover up. 26 hours or more but whos counting there will be alot more hours to put in. It's my addiction... ;)

Favorite roller derby position?

What do you like to do outside of roller derby?
Sk8te, Hunt, fish, camp, float, crafty stuff, draw, swim, run, ride bikes, most of all spend time with my family and kidos cause they are my world and everything that revolves around it.

What starts in chaos ends in chaos, chaos lives in everything.

What starts in chaos ends in chaos, chaos lives in everything.