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Blitzy Borden


Blitzy Borden #92

How long have you been skating? 

Just over a year! I never really skated before derby

What are you looking for in a derby league? 

Supportive teammates and some good bruises 

What is your personal derby goal for this season? 

Become a more confident skater 

What do you like to do outside of derby? 

Going on adventures and exploring new places. Reading. Going to concerts

What gets you going?  Coffee and good music

What do you like most about derby? 

There’s always a new challenge to overcome 

Fav food? Blueberries

What state are you from? New Hampshire 

How many hours have you spent in a tattoo chair/table? 

5/6ish hours and hopefully many more 

Have any pets? How many? 

I have 2 cats. A stubborn 5 year old torti named Tunsi and a spunky 1 year old kitten named Molly