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Amylou WooWho

Amylou WooWho #2468

How long have you been skating?
Well, on my own without holding on to a wall or a person…that would be about 7 or 8 months. I still fall down a lot, but at least I can keep myself moving and stop myself when need be.

How many hours have you spent in a tattoo chair?
In total, I guess it’s been about 22 hrs and I’m just getting started.

How many pets do you have? What kind?
I have one mean little shih tzu, one kitty that could easily be labeled as an assassin, two classroom mice, one classroom fish, and one classroom turtle.

What do you do for a living?
I am the sweetest pre-k teacher you could ever hope to meet. I run a nature loving, tree hugging, bug saving classroom. Nice hands, lots of hugs, and friendly words are the rules I live by. No hitting in my room.

Do you have a derby wife?
My derby wife is the ever so talented Mile High Moxy. She is a great friend and a super positive person. I know I can always count on her to find the silver lining in any situation.

What was your favorite derby moment?
My favorite moment was my very first hit. It was from Rowdy Rose and she really knocked me off my feet (literally). After I went down all I could do was smile. I couldn’t wait to start doing some hitting for myself.

How did you get involved in roller derby?
I just happened to bump paths with one of the coolest ladies on the team, Trajec Tory. She was getting a tattoo and she overheard my husband and I talking to one of the artist about a tattoo that involved roller skates. She told us all about CCRD and talked us in to coming to the Confluence Crush Meet and Greet. All the women at the meet and greet were so great, I just couldn’t wait to join.

She's the baddest little Who in Whoville

She's the baddest little Who in Whoville